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Agripower talks kernel recovery and improved yields at AusMac

During a busy November the Agripower Team was excited to exhibit at this year’s AusMac Conference. Run by the Australian Macadamia Society, it is the nation’s premiere gathering of the Macadamia Industry, and a great opportunity for the sector to gather and share knowledge.


Agripower’s South QLD & Northern NSW Territory Manager, Craig Blackett, comments that it was fantastic to be involved.


“It was a great atmosphere honestly. There were lots of people at the event and plenty came through the stand looking to learn more about Agrisilica®.”


“A lot of the talk at the event really focussed diseases, pests and improving nutrient uptake, so it sparked a lot of interest in people when we mentioned the potential for Agrisilica® to help ease a lot of the stress a crop might face while improving their nutrient uptake and nutrient use efficiency.”


Craig Blackett’s comments were echoed by Agripower’s Head of Marketing and Sales, Peter Tandy.


“I think after a few years of uncertainty everyone was glad to have a forum to come back to, and it was encouraging to see such a strong presence from Australia’s Macadamia Sector at the forum.”


“For us, it was a valuable opportunity to have some one-on-one time with the industry and promote education around the benefits of Agrisilica® and Plant Available Silicon. With proven trials showing a reduction in stress alongside a boost in yields, quality and kernel recovery, the results of applying Agrisilica® really speak for themselves, and we saw some significant interest from the industry in those trial results.”


Mr Tandy went on to comment that the interest the sector showed speaks to the growing demand across the agricultural industry in Australia and abroad.


“The interest we are seeing from the Macadamia sector is echoed from the Agricultural Sector in Australia and overseas. Globally, agriculture is facing a perfect storm of challenges – from increased environmental and climate stresses, record-high fertiliser prices, and ever-growing demands for increased food production and food security.”


“Fortunately, this is where the education around Agrisilica® and Plant Available Silicon is really starting to cut through. Growers around the world are looking for cost effective solutions that give them added benefits to increase productivity, and they are seeing that Agrisilica® can give them that.”


“We have many years of trials and research, we have proven that Agrisilica® reduces plant stress while improving yields and quality across soil and crop types, and we have proven that we can do this with an environmentally safe and 100% natural product. The results really do speak for themselves.”


Don’t miss out on your chance to improve your crop yields and quality. Add Agrisilica® to your standard fertiliser practice today and see the results for yourself.


For best results, reach out to your local Agripower agronomist for application rates based on your crop and soil type.