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Agriculture, GHGs and Climate Change

Challenges to our Global Food System

~10 Billion by 2050

~10 Billion
by 2050

56%-70% Food Gap by 2050

Food Gap by 2050

70% urban population by 2050 population

70% urban population
by 2050 population

Almost 2 planets
needed to meet resources demands by 2030

593 Million Hectare Land Gap

593 Million Hectare
Land Gap

11 Gigaton GHG Mitigation Gap

11 Gigaton
GHG Mitigation Gap

How climate change, food security and agriculture intersect are critical to humanity’s future. People depend on food. Farmers and our planet need solutions now.

Agripower’s mission is to engage growers of food, fodder and fibre with an opportunity to decrease greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) associated with agriculture, and at the same time, increase productivity and profit.

Agrisilica® brings benefits and solutions to the challenge:
  1. Agrisilica® sustainably increases crop yields, crop quality and farmers profits
  2. Protects the environment while simultaneously 
  3. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and
  4. Increasing soil carbon and carbon sequestration
Agripower fertiliser - 100% natural silicon

PAS | Know the difference

Agrisilica® has the highest commercial quantity of 100% natural Plant Available Silicon (PAS). This point of difference improves significantly on over 70 years of established silicon fertiliser use and value recognition. PAS-rich Agrisilica® is agriculture’s game-changer.
Agripower Fertiliser, Food Security & Safety

Food Security & Safety

With a projected 10 billion world population by 2050, the role of agriculture is to ensure everyone has access to safe, nutritious, quality food. Agrisilica® directly and indirectly contributes to the UNs Sustainable Development Goals.
Agripower Fertiliser, Soil Health

Soil Health

Food, fodder and fibre production: it all starts with healthy, fertile, well-conditioned soils. Few soils are naturally or continously fertile, so we rely on fertilisers. 100% natural PAS-rich Agrisilica® fertilisers improves soil condition and soil health while nourishing plants and protecting our environment.
Agripower Fertiliser, Crop Yield & Quality

Crop Yield & Quality

Increasing crop yield, quality and profitability is every farmer’s goal. PAS is officially recognised by AAPFCO for its multiple-action beneficial efficacy. Agripower’s Agrisilica® has the highest PAS content of any commercial natural silicon fertiliser.

Agripower, Sustainability


Farmers are highly aware of the need for sustainable solutions: for healthier soils, less GHG emissions, less water consumption and less environmental pollution. PAS-rich Agrisilica® brings higher sustainability, helping farmers achieve greater triple bottom line outcomes.
Agripower Fertiliser, Abiotic & Biotic Stress

Crop Stress

Between 51%-82% of crops grown are lost annually due to crop stress. Reducing crop losses improve global food security targets, farmers incomes and the economies of poorer farming communities in particular. PAS brings solutions to crop losses caused by pests, pathogens and climatic extremes.

Agripower Fertiliser, Silicon Science

Silicon Science

The importance of silicon to crop production has been recognised for over 70 years. Agripower continues to invest in research and knowledge around PAS and the differentiating value-adds this 100% natural, safe and emissions free non- synthetic silicon fertiliser brings to agriculture and sustainable food production.

Reducing CO2 | the difference is PAS-rich Agrisilica®

Differentiation in action - Photosynthesis + CO2

Leaves: the lungs and solar panels of plants

Agrisilica® is rich in PAS – Plant Available Silicon. Silicon strengthens plant stems which hold leaves in perfect position to maximise photosynthesis, for optimum growth. Silicon also improves water uptake and water-use efficiency. Stronger stems and more available water means plants are less likely to droop in warm conditions: the better leaves are presented in any crops, the more efficiently sunlight, water and CO2 are captured – the three components of photosynthesis leading to crop growth.
Agripower and climate change

Differentiation in Action:
Carbon Sequestration

Via increased soil carbon and long-term storage of carbon in increased silicon phytoliths

Differentiation in Action:
Carbon Sequestration

Via increased soil carbon and long-term storage of carbon in increased silicon phytoliths

1 Tonne of Agrisilica® can capture up to an additional 9 tonnes of Carbon

Carbon Trading + Agrisilica®

1 Tonne of Agrisilica® can capture up to an additional 9 tonnes of Carbon

It is estimated that restoring soils could remove up to 5.5 billion tonnes of GHGs every year.

Soils play a key role in the carbon cycle by soaking up carbon from decaying plant matter. Plants absorb CO2 from the atmosphere via photosynthesis and exude excess carbon through their roots. When plants litter or die or are harvested, these remains decompose adding more carbon into the soil.

Agripower’s mission is to engage farmers with the opportunity to decrease GHGs, while increasing their crop yields, profitability and soil carbon.

To enquire more about Carbon Trading with Agrisilica®, please contact our Australian Head Office.

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