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Granules Fertiliser
Granules Fertiliser
Granules Fertiliser

The most significant change to fertilisers and fertiliser management in 90 years.

Agrisilica® the world’s leading natural silicon fertiliser.

Agrisilica® Granules

Agrsilica Granular Fertiliser, Agripower

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Application rates vary depending on the crop, crop maturity (in the case of tree crops) soil type, soil chemistry, soil available silicon levels and expected stress events during the crops life (e.g. water deficit). Typical application rates, as an example, vary between 150 kg/ha for field crops and 500 kg/ha for tree crops, strawberries, sugar cane and turf.

Agrisilica® Granular available in:
  • 25kg bags
  • 50kg bags
  • bulk bags
  • bulk


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