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Creating Value For All

Leading the world in Natural Silicon Fertilisers

Backed by science, proven in the field, our mission is to be the supplier of choice, providing cost-effective natural silicon solutions serving the global agriculture community. Our unrivalled expertise, trusted partnerships and commitment to R&D enables us to create value for all.


Headquartered in Sydney, our operations are based in Queensland along with our world class silicon asset.

Agripower’s motivation is to see a future where sustainable agriculture – as both a global industry and a desirable career choice – can profit from what is potentially the most significant change to fertilisers and fertiliser management in 90 years.

Agripower has invested significantly in the research and development of a range of fertilisers that can bring powerful benefits to farmers, developing regions, researchers, consumers and ultimately the environment.

Registration, commercialisation and distribution are currently underway in more than 14 countries globally.

Agripower's role in the future of agriculture

Agriculture is undergoing constant change to find solutions to sustainable intensification to meet ever increasing demands.
We work with a range of people and organisations to help meet these demands.
  • Farmers
  • Agronomists
  • Researchers
  • Demonstration farms
  • Governments and legislators
  • Agricultural extension services
  • Distributors and suppliers
  • Major fertiliser corporations
  • Product registrations and stewardship
  • Health, safety and environment authorities
  • Intergovernmental organisations
  • Supplying quality silicon fertilisers across the world
  • Sustainable intensification of crop production, without the need for more land
  • Increased food security through reliability and affordability
  • Simple, affordable and effective enhancement of food systems
  • Safer food for consumption (animal fodder, human food)
  • Reducing deleterious GHG atmospheric emissions, leaching and run-off
  • Improving collective opportunities for poorer communities
  • Stimulating education, discussions and research
  • Providing a catalyst for change to fertiliser approaches and management across the sector

International Success - Global Reach

About the Agripower Company, International success

Proudly Australian
Regional Development
Local Jobs | Government Support

Agripower has achieved ‘prescribed project’ status from the Queensland State Government and is undertaking a detailed engineering study to develop a major rail system to maximise product transport throughput to port.

This project, together with our processing plant expansion, will create nearly 500 new local jobs and with a multiplier effect, near 2,000 more jobs for North Queensland. We thank the Queensland Government for their support of this significant multi-million dollar Fertiliser Expansion Project which will boost access for the agricultural sector both nationally and internationally.