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Agripower celebrates innovation at India’s leading agriculture event

Last month, Agripower attended India’s premier Agriculture & Food Technology Exhibition, Agro Tech India. In its 15th year the event attracted over 40,000 farmers, agriculture industry members, researchers, and hundreds of industry executives.


“With a theme this year of Digital Transformation for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security, it was a great time for Agripower to be involved.” Comments Agripower India Country Manager, Prem Jha.


“With innovation being the primary focus of the event, we saw a lot of interest in learning about Agrisilica® and in learning about the benefits of Plant Available Silicon – which is really a new nutrient for a lot of people we spoke to.”


Agripower was part of an Australian exhibition delegation at the forum, arranged by AusTrade.


“Australia is known in India for its high-quality exports. It was a great opportunity to showcase that alongside so many other Australian companies that are helping to drive innovation in Agriculture, and to make sure that the farmers in India and globally have access to the latest knowledge, products and technology.”



Agripower was also invited to speak at the conference, with Prem Jha delivering an address on the importance of increasing access to the latest knowledge for farmers, and on how India can embrace environmental and climate safe methods to tackle issues of food security through the benefits of Agrisilica®.


“Agrisilica® is a GHG emissions-free, non-synthetic, non-toxic, and environmentally safe natural silicon fertiliser solution. Silicon fertilisers can drive new ways of increasing crop yields in the face of current and future threats. By mitigating the impact of environmental stress on crops while improving their nutrient uptake and nutrient use efficiency, Agrisilica® can contribute to both improved food security and climate change mitigation in India and globally.”


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