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EU Green Week 2021

Soils for Food Security and Climate Virtual Fair

Agripower Australia have recently been a participant in an inaugural International virtual fair run by the organisation 4 per 1000. 4 per 1000, as an official partner of 2021 EU Green Week, ran a virtual fair focused on soils for food security and climate.

The international Initiative “4 per 1000”, launched by France on 1 December 2015 at the COP 21, consists of federating all voluntary stakeholders of the public and private sectors (national governments, local and regional governments, companies, trade organizations, NGOs, research facilities, etc.) under the framework of the Lima-Paris Action Plan (LPAP). The aim of the initiative is to demonstrate that agriculture, and in particular agricultural soils can play a crucial role where food security and climate change are concerned. The “4 per 1000” Initiative invites all partners to state or implement some practical actions on soil carbon storage and the type of practices to achieve this (e.g., agroecology, agroforestry, conservation agriculture, landscape management, etc.). Their ambition is to encourage stakeholders to transition towards a productive, highly resilient agriculture, based on the appropriate management of lands and soils, creating jobs and incomes, hence ensuring sustainable development. Membership is made up of more than 607 partner organisations who work together, meet, share and collaborate to help promote the importance of agricultural soils. Agripower Australia is proud to be one of their members.

EU Green Week was conducted completely online in 2021, as a part of their drive to be a dedicated Zero Pollution event. All events and presentations were conducted under one of the following four thematic strands:

Health – a focus on pollution and the impact on health; how to reduce or prevent pollution and build a toxic-free environment across all sectors, policy, programs and levels of society.

Biodiversity and Ecosystems – pollution is one of the biggest threats to ecosystems and biodiversity. A reduction in pollution will align the EU with planetary boundaries.

Production and Consumption – Zero pollution requires sustainable practices, technology, business models and consumption behaviours.

Enabling Change – Change is needed via multiple activities across most economic sectors, with regulation via differing authorities. Everyone has a role in making zero pollution a world-wide change.

The 4 per 1000 virtual fair – Soils for Food Security and Climate, focussed on reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by improving soil health. It was a truly international showcase sharing the diversity of solutions that members of 4 per 1000 are working on, the strength of such a global collaborative platform, and bolstering enthusiasm to promote zero pollution. Agripower held a stall during the virtual fair, sharing information and experiences on how Agrisilica can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve soil carbon, reduce cadmium and arsenic update by plants, improve yields and economic returns. We had several meetings, presentations, communications and interactions with people and organisations all over the world, from Brazil to Hong Kong and Sub-Saharan Africa, to name a few. It was not only a great opportunity to share broadly the benefits of Agrisilica, but also to be a part of a community striving to improve agricultural soils and the environment.

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