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Agripower named finalist in 2022 IABCA Awards

Having narrowed the field from some 200 candidates, the India Australia Business & Community Alliance (IABCA) has announced Agripower as a finalist for their 2022 awards. The award category in question, Science, Research & Development, recognises Agripower’s significant contributions to the Indian Agricultural sector in increasing farmer crop yields and farmer income alongside reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions from agriculture, which is a major global contributor to GHG.


Agripower’s Managing Director Peter Prentice comments that:


“Helping the Indian farmers produce more food and food of more nutritional value and at the same time reducing major greenhouse gas emissions, at no additional cost to the farmers, is a win for the Farmer, a win for the “Climate Smart Agriculture” practices and a win for the environment.


Though India is continuing to develop and urbanise, the Agricultural sector remains the country’s single largest employer. Ensuring that such a crucial sector for the nation benefits from the latest research and most up to date knowledge has been a key driver for Agripower India Country Manager Prem Jha:


“This is a true recognition of our passion to bring positive changes in the agriculture production system with our scientific knowledge. The most profound recognition goes to the team who has supported the organisation during the early years of establishment.


The world in general, and India in particular, are facing major dual challenges in agriculture; the first is the impact of climate change, which has far-reaching and significant implications. The second is declining fertiliser response ratios – an indication of declining soil fertility. I truly believe that Agrisilica is going to play a greater role in addressing these twin challenges.”


When asked on Agripower’s future in India, Peter Prentice was bullish in his response:


“Developing Climate Smart Agricultural practices using beneficial silicon fertilisers, demonstrates that the Farmer will have more food and more nutritional food and as a result will improve their income. India has a chance to be self sufficient in its food requirements.


The biggest gain though, is the reduction in Greenhouse gasses, particularly nitrous oxides and methane, and the increased sequestration of carbon dioxide which will assist India in realising its Greenhouse gas emissions reduction plans. All achieved at no additional cost to the Indian Farmer. Agrisilica® will be at the forefront of helping the Indian Farmer.”


The IABCA Global Leader’s Forum & Awards Ceremony will be held in Sydney Australia this 29 April, 2022.